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Loan Against Property (LAP) for Individuals

Loan Against Property (LAP) is offered to individuals against the mortgage of their property. This product enables individuals with regular income to have liquidity over their immovable property.

Eligibility Criteria

Only Individuals will be considered for this product

Please note: Co-Applicants may be considered to supplement repayment capacity

*Turn Around Time for Loan Against Property shall be within 7 working days subject to submission of requisite documents and fulfillment of terms & conditions as per Bank's policy.

Documents Required

Below are the illustrative list of documents that may be obtained depending upon the nature and status of the applicant.

  • Term Loan Agreement
  • Mortgage Agreement
  • Memorandum of Entry
  • Declaration-cum-confirmation Deed
  • Sanction Letter
  • Demand Promissory Note
  • DPN Waiver Letter
  • Request for disbursement

Loan Tenure

Loan Tenor will be 1 Year to 15 years. Tenor may increase to a maximum of up to 2 years to adjust changes in Base Interest Rate.

Interest Rate

Interest rate: Base Interest Rate and Spread will be as per Operating Interest Rate Guidelines as issued from time to time.

The Spread can be adjusted to attract borrowers with excellent credit by the approval authority.

The Spread for this product will be announced by the CEO-in-India from time to time. In case the Spread is less than as notified Spread, it should be approved by Credit Officer Committee (COC).

Fees and Other charges

  • Processing fees is maximum of 1% of the loan amount plus applicable Goods & Service Tax
  • Pre-payment fees / Foreclosure charges: Maximum 4%
  • Other charges: Stamping etc.
  • Penal Charges as mentioned in the Sanction Letter

All the above mentioned charges shall be borne by the applicant. However, the approving authority can relax/waive of all above fees and charges except stamping costs.

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Loan against Property (LAP) for Individuals